Pool Party Terms and conditions

Party Terms and Conditions for Liquid Living Centre, including AquaTurtles & Sandton Scuba & Simon Metcalf Photography

Liquid Living Centre provide a wide variety of birthday party themes to suit all tastes and ages. There are specific terms and conditions that

must be read prior to booking your party.

The following information is valid from 1 April 2014 to 31June 2016.

If you would like to book a party, contact the Parties Administrator on 011 463 2201 for further details.

Party terms and conditions

  1.  A non-refundable deposit of R1500 is required on booking the party.
  2.  Full payment must be received for all parties no later than 21 days prior to the party date. Your party is only confirmed when full payment has been made.
  3.  Late bookings (taken 14 days and less prior to party date) must pay full amount on day of booking.
  4.  Any additional children (over confirmed numbers) attending the party must be paid for at reception 72 hours before the party starts.
  5.  No party can be booked for less than the minimum or more than the maximum stated numbers.
  6.  Liquid Living is not a licensed premises. Customers are therefore not permitted to bring their own alcohol into the Centre without prior notification.
  7.  Catering facilities are provided on site by Liquid Living or any appointed subcontractor and therefore customers are not allowed to bring their own food (except birthday cake
  8.  Parents or guardians of the birthday child must accompany their children for the duration of the party, although Pool Parties may require more adults (see recommendations).
  9.  Your party host Liquid Living members Lifeguard (pool parties) will meet you on arrival at reception. Food after the party is served by Liquid Living,
  10.  Once you have paid in full, 7 days notice is required for any cancellation.
  11.  Please ensure all children are dressed correctly for the type of party they are attending:- 
    Pool Parties: Swim wear including own goggles and fins. We will not supply these items. Should you wish to rent these , they will be billable and must be pre-arranged. Should party participants be found to be using “Liquid Living” equipment , without permission, this will be billed to the party host and be payable on presentation.
     Pool parties do not include an instructor or staff person for the pool portion of the party. Lifeguards will be assigned according to the number of swimmers, and their median age. If children are non-swimmers and are unable to be alone in the pool, or should the parent wish to be the “Lifeguard” the party host and/or parents must stay in the pool  ith the party guests. They may not consume any food or drink in the pool area.
  12.  All Food and Beverage Service is provided by Liquid Living. Outside food is only permitted with the express, written approval of Liquid Living, and in that case will be the responsibility of the party host.
  13.  The pool staff reserves the right to cancel or postpone a swim party, if necessary. The opportunity for a full refund will be extended if the group does not wish to reschedule the event.
  14.  All pool party reservations must be made at least two weeks before the date of the event. Rain dates must be scheduled separately, so that other reservations will not be unfairly impacted.
  15.  Party hosts are responsible for informing their guests of all pool rules and regulations. Violations of these rules and regulations by any member of the pool party group could result in termination of the party with no refund to the party host.
  16.  The party host must be present in the pool area for the duration of the party, and is responsible for the behavior of the party guests.
  17.  Pool parties shall be properly chaperoned and supervised by the adult guests. Responsibility for determining the swimming ability of invited children remains with the party host.
  18.  Parties are limited to three hours in length, and may be scheduled before 11 am (provided it doesn’t interfere with lessons previously scheduled), or from 12 to 5 pm. Our suggestion is that the first 60 minutes be spent in the pool, that 45 minutes be allowed for the meal and gifts if applicable, 30 further minutes pool time, 30 minutes clearing pool area and the final 15 minutes used to wrap up the party.
  19.  Weather Policy: Lifeguards are responsible for clearing the pool during occurrences of thunder or lightning. For thunder, all individuals must remain out of the water for 30 minutes. In the event of lightning, all individuals must remain out of the water for 30 minutes and clear the pool deck.
  20.  We support a friendly,safe and fun environment and will not tolerate any bullying, or intimidating behavior by child or parent. Any such behavior will result in them being asked to leave the facility and no refund will be due in any circumstance. 
  21.  Vandalism and Destruction of property will not be tolerated in any form whatsoever. Any person found willfully destroying, or altering the property, equipment or grounds of the facility, will be asked to vacate the premises immediately and no refund will be due in any circumstance.
  22.  Breakages and Damages – All damages and breakages are for the account of the party host. The cost for repair or to make good will be for the full account of the party host. This is payable on presentation. NB. Should breakages or damages be as a result of Point 20 or Point 21, no refund will be due and the damages will be payable immediately on presentation.

Pool Safety

The pool operates under strict recommendations, the following adult-tochild ratios are implemented at the centre:

  • Children under four years: must be accompanied in the water by a responsible person over the age of 16 on a one to one ratio. However, the ratio becomes one to two if any child under four is wearing a suitable buoyancy aid e.g. armbands or a float suit. Hand held buoyancy aids are not considered appropriate. 
  • Children aged four to seven years: must be accompanied in the water by an person over 16 years old, with no more than two children per responsible person.
  • Children aged eight plus: For children who are able to swim no accompaniment is necessary. Children who are weak or non swimmer must be accompanied, with no more than 2 children per responsible adult.
  • Lifeguards are necessary for all pool parties, and are on the following
  • ratios and are billed , as an additional cost to the party.

1-10 children = 1 lifeguard

11-20 children = 2 lifeguards

thereafter 1 additional lifeguard per additional 5 children.

For inflatable parties children must be able to swim at least 25 metres unaided to be able to use the facilities. Ability will be assessed by a swim test at the beginning of the party.

You are requested not to arrive before 15 minutes prior to your allotted party time.

MAXIMUM of 30 swimmers is allowed in the pool – including adults assisting.

ALL non-swimmers MUST be accompanied by an adult in the pool at all times, and MUST wear buoyancy aids

ALL swimmers must follow the instructions of the Lifeguard

Any medical conditions must be reported to the Lifeguard before entering the pool

At least ONE adult MUST be in the deep end at all times

Running, jumping, bombing, using diving blocks, throwing items, masks, snorkels and flippers are ALL FORBIDDEN

If a lane rope is used to divide off the shallow end and deep end, swimmers MUST NOT enter the deep end

Additional information

  1.  Please inform the Parties Administrator on booking, if there are any special dietary requirements / allergies (only required if option of food is chosen).
  2.  Please note, the location for party food varies depending on availability.

Please note that Liquid Living Centre reserve the right to alter any details featured on their leaflets at any time without prior notification.

The information on our leaflets is correct at time of print.

In order to comply with Liquid Living child protection policy, photography is allowed of the children taking part in your party only.