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Congratulations on a fabulous choice! Your diving adventure starts here!  

Whether you’ve never been underwater or have a slew of diving hours under your belt, you’ve come to the right place. Try it — you’ll love it. Diving is easy, fun and exciting!

Discover a new world! Enjoy the freedom of gliding through the blue! Experience new adventures and explore undiscovered worlds. Make new friends! Scuba Diving is much easier than you might think! Be ready to enjoy a new challenge and dive into a new world! Scuba diving is a wonderful sport that offers everything from heart-pumping action to quiet relaxation.


Scuba and snorkeling are unique activities in that they are exciting not only for children: diving school is a thrilling challenge for parents, too. Adults and children alike stay interested in learning important diving skills through fun courses. Then the whole family – children, adults and best agers - is able to hop into some of the world’s most gratifying waters, together. The unifying quality of scuba is often overlooked, but diving vacations can be some of the most enjoyable and bonding times that a family can have.


A natural stress-reliever, scuba and snorkeling allow you to be physically active while in a soothing setting. Many high-stress execs have sought comfort in diving vacations and underwater worlds. Diving also becomes a way that relaxation can coexist with family time. And for children who love video games and TV, the fascination with life on the ocean floor is perhaps one of the few things left that can inspire them to be active and engaged in the natural world.


Diving school is available for the whole family through certified Dive Centers and Dive Resorts, so you can become comfortable with the water in scuba diving lessons that are great fun themselves. Learn at your own pace while spending enjoyable, quality time with your family.



First thing to do is click on this link 

and register for online theory. 

Please ensure Sandton Scuba is selected as your nominated Dive Centre, as we will not receive notification of your registration without this. 


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    • Once we receive notification that you have registered, we will send you an invoice for the course.  
    • Upon receipt of payment of the invoice, wewill CREDIT you online, with the Course you have chosen. DO NOT PURCHASE the course online, as we cannot credit your course or value if paid online. It must be paid to Sandton Scuba  and we then open the materials for you.
    • The Openwater 20 group course price is R3995.00 per person and includes online theory, all pool training, and use of all equipment whilst on course. This is payable in full,  prior to commencement of the course. Our bank details are STANDARD BANK Branch Code 009953 Acc No 200591916 – Bold Moves. Private lessons are available but subject to an additional cost. Please feel free to enquire regarding our Private and boutique courses
    • Once you have completed the online theory, you will need to register with me to book a place on one of our weekend course dates. 
    • Pool sessions are normally conducted on a Saturday and Sunday morning, and you will need to bring the following: 
        • Swimming Costume & Towel 
        • Great sense of adventure and be geared up for some fun! 
        • Sense of Humour! VERY Important Don’t forget this! 
        • Doctors Certificate (indicating you are fit to dive) – Only necessary if you answered YES to any of the medical questions online. 
        • Snack -  so you don’t get hungry! 


    • Normal Itinerary for pool sessions:- This is flexible and dependant on number of students. We try to adhere to this timing but as this is a performance and not time based course, please prepare to be flexible. 
      • Saturday -  Commence at 8.30 am and finish about 1- 2pm. During this time, we will complete, and start your diving adventure with learning about the equipment set, water orientation skills - , and then a pool session. 
      • Sunday Commence 09:00- 12:30 - During this time, we again cover the setup of equipment and another pool session with plenty of time for practice. 




    • Qualifying Dives - can be completed during one of our regular trips to the  coast, Sodwana, Umkomaas or Ponta do Ouro, or any other destination as our calendar. 
      • Trips will be posted regularly on our website and facebook page
      • We highly recommend qualifying dives in the sea. However if you,  due to time or travel constraints,  need to qualify inland, an additional amount of R1250.00 will be charged for the 2 days of qualifying.
      • When completing the qualifying dives at the coast, the weekend will be a standard three night 5 dive package, including Bed & breakfast. Catering is available on request. Upgrade and Non diver packages are also available.  The course price will not include the cost of dives and accommodation at the coastal venue.  The accommodation and dive prices vary based on season, dates and venue. We will post the current and relevant prices on each scheduled trip on the website and facebook page event. Prices and trips are based on a minimum of 6 guests travelling, and we reserve the right to postpone weekends which are not fully subscribed.
      • Transportation – We like to try and get the group to travel together, to minimise costs and increase safety! Who doesn’t like a road trip? 
      • We can arrange, personalized group trips, to any destination, local or international, other than our specified dates.  These trips will be subject to a minimum of 6 participants. \


      • Certification - Finally  on completion, you are certified and registered and issued with an electronic Personal Identification Card! This means you are certified to dive to 20m with buddy. A plastic certification card can be ordered, for a nominal fee! We however encourage you to join us in the Green Eco War on plastic! 


Please see below:- 

All academic portions must be complete prior to the in water modules. 


For those completing on a smart device, please download the app from either the Apple App Store, Google Play or Android. Remember to sync back to the computer so it updates your progress. 


Kids Under 15 will need to complete Junior Openwater Sections and Adults the Openwater section. At the end of each section is a quiz which needs to be completed. This will need to be completed prior to the next section.  We will keep checking  updates online to see how you doing. 


Where to from Here ?  Fun Fun Fun! .. Put this in your diary now! 


We have a monthly social, the last Wednesday of each month, just in time for you to meet the other divers and hear tales of adventures with like minded divers! This is at the Scubar on site from 530pm. 


Good Luck and happy studying! 

Looking forward to blowing bubbles with you all!